Why do El Rancho wine tastings stand out?

  • We do not staff a drop-in tasting room. The El Rancho clubhouse is private, and events are by invitation only.

  • When tasting, a gourmet bite will accompany each wine in your flight of 6 Spanish-themed whites and reds. There are no water crackers at El Rancho!

  • As a group we will pause to watch one of Raúl's Andalusian horses dance.

  • You'll select a glass of wine to enjoy in a comfy clubhouse chair, or out in the garden enjoying majestic views of distant mountains.

  • Stay awhile! We won't rush you out.


How does El Rancho differ from other wine clubs?

  • Your credit card isn't charged automatically, and we don't ship wine without your consent. Instead, we reserve 6 bottles of each new release for you. Then we notify you via e-mail or Facebook about the new release.

  • If you buy your allocation at least once every other year, you remain a member of El Rancho. Otherwise, you'll lose your spot!

  • We can ship your club to you, or you and a guest can attend to a special members-only pick-up event at the El Rancho clubhouse.

  • Members receive premium discounts in the online store, and invitations to members-only private events at the El Rancho clubhouse and in the vineyards.

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